Event Terms and Conditions

Agreement between us

These terms and conditions include and should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Notice and Participant Code of Conduct both of which are available on this website or by emailing info@schoolofcontemplativelife.com to request a copy. 

When you make a booking you should always use your full, legal name and the full, legal names of anyone else you are making a booking on behalf of.  If you are booking on behalf of an organisation we do not require the full, legal names of people within your organisation who will be attending any event we are delivering at your request. You are responsible for ensuring these terms are, where applicable, understood by them.

When we receive your booking request, and after any payment has been made (if this is applicable and the event is not being delivered free), we will confirm this and a binding agreement will come into effect between you and us.

If your booking prompts automatic reminders for re-occurring events (for example, the weekly reminders which are automatically set up after you sign up for an online practice group, as indicated will be the case on your original booking) or you have asked us to manually add your email address to the mailing list for reminders, you will be deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions each time you click on our Zoom link and/or attend such a re-occurring event. Please note that you can of course unsubscribe from reminders at any time by clicking the link in the footer of any email sent by us and changing your preferences.

Governing law

This agreement is governed by UK law and the jurisdiction of the English courts.

It is important to check the email confirmation when you receive it to verify that all the details are exactly as you expected. In the event of a discrepancy, please contact us immediately as it may not be possible to make changes later on.

Website accuracy

The information, including prices, shown on our website or on the website of a third party (for example Ticket Tailor) may have changed by the time you come to book your arrangements. Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information and prices at the time of loading, regrettably errors do occasionally occur and we reserve the right to alter our pricing and terms as necessary.

Travel documentation

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of any required travel and health documentation needed before departing for an event hosted by us. We cannot accept liability if you are refused entry into any country or onto any transport due to failure on your part to carry the requited documentation.


It is your responsibility to ensure you obtain the required insurance cover once your booking has been confirmed by us. It is your responsibility to ensure that any insurance cover you purchase is suitable and adequate for your particular needs.

Attending a paid event

Your place at a paid event is not confirmed until full payment has been made.  If we do not receive this balance in full and on time, we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled by you. By attending an event, you agree to the terms and conditions listed on this page and our Participant Code of Conduct also detailed on our website or available on request by emailing info@schoolofcontemplativelife.com.


Attending a free event

The attendance details you receive, which may include a Zoom link, is intended for you only. If you wish to suggest to someone that they attend, that’s great. Please ask them to sign up themselves rather than forwarding on details you have received.  By attending an event, you agree to the terms and conditions listed on this page and our Participant Code of Conduct also detailed on our website or available on request by emailing info@schoolofcontemplativelife.com.


Cancellation by you

Our events are often over-subscribed, which means that a cancellation, especially if it’s late in the day, could result in someone else not having the opportunity to attend. Signing up for an event is a commitment to the dates confirmed.   

However, we appreciate that circumstances may change and you can of course cancel a booking at any time.  Written notification by email from the lead name on the booking must be sent to info@schoolofcontemplativelife.com or rachel@schoolofcontemplativelife.com.

If you cancel a booking or do not attend an event, unfortunately we cannot pay any expenses, costs or losses incurred by you.  Bookings that are cancelled or tickets that are unused are non-transferable.

Our in-person events are generally priced to cover associated event costs (rather than making a profit) and priced on the assumption that the maximum number of tickets will be sold, as is usually the case.  We price events in this way to ensure that tickets are as accessible as possible. Because of this, and the advance deposits we usually pay to venues, the following terms apply to any tickets that were booked for a fee.
If we are able to:
  • Resell your ticket at the same price to someone on a waiting list for the event, we will reimburse the associated cost to you in full, less any transactions fees we incurred when receiving the payment and/or will incur when processing the refund.
  • Resell your ticket at a lower price to someone on a waiting list for the event, we will reimburse the resale value to you, less any transactions fees we incurred when receiving the payment and/or will incur when processing the refund.

If we cannot not resell your ticket, we will be unable to offer you any reimbursement (but we may be able to offer you a free ticket for an online event).  

The terms above do not apply to any donation made at the same time as purchasing a ticket. Donations are not reimbursable.

Cancellation by us

We reserve the right to cancel an event under any circumstances.
In the event this happens, you will be offered a full refund for any payments you have made to us already. However, we accept no further liability for cancellations beyond the refund of the ticket cost. For example, we will not be liable for the cost of advance travel arrangements such as travel costs and visas.

Your commitment

Please only book onto an event if you are able to fully commit to the event schedule.
If, after booking, something arises which means you will be distracted and unable to commit to following the event programme (for example, you will need to be working on your computer during periods throughout the event or be in regular contact with a family member), please let us know so we can consider offering you a refund and allocating your ticket to someone who may be on the waiting list.


Our events should be understood as only providing spiritual guidance and advice to help you deepen your own meditation practice and understanding. You are entirely responsible for how you choose to understand, misunderstand, use or misuse any of our events, materials and advice.

Many people have experienced improvements in general wellbeing through meditation practice. However, if you suffer from any mental, emotional or physical health conditions, please: a) ask your medical practitioner if it is advisable for you to attend an event with us, b) make sure you always follow your medical practitioner’s advice and c) let us know in general terms without sharing specific details. In the event that your participation brings issues to the surface or reveals some form of mental health condition, we recommend you seek suitable professional support. Please be aware that we cannot provide any professional care.

We cannot accept any responsibility for any adverse effects, directly or indirectly, that may result from your participation in or use of the information provided during our events or included on our website, in materials, or any other communications, both online and in person. Furthermore, we make no guarantees that any of the programmes, advice and practice material we provide will function in any particular way for you. By engaging with us, you agree that you use the information, guidance and advice entirely at your own discretion.

If we are delivering an event on behalf of an organisation, it is the organisation’s responsibility to ensure that the event is appropriate for the people they wish to attend, in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.

If you have any questions or concerns or need to make contact to discuss anything above, please email info@schoolofcontemplativelife.com.

Making a donation

Donations can be made through our website using a credit or debit card or via a CAF Bank account. Local charges may apply and, for further details in this regard, please contact your bank or building society.

Your credit/debit card details or bank account details will not be transferred to us but only a) to the credit/debit card company directly, b) to the mandated payment service provider (i.e. Stripe) in charge of processing the payment with the respective credit/debit card company or c) to CAF Bank.

Upon receipt of the donation, the donor will receive an automated email confirmation from CAF confirming their donation which may be required to qualify for tax-deductibility in certain jurisdictions. If for whatever reason you do not receive this, please email info@schoolofcontemplativelife.com.


Participants shall pay for a booking or donation online unless under extraordinary circumstances and you have agreed an alternative payment arrangement with us.

Participants shall use a credit or debit card (such as Visa or MasterCard).   Our chosen payment service provider is Stripe or PayPal. The validity of the customer’s payment card is verified by Stripe or PayPal.  Payments may be refused for a number of reasons including a stolen or blocked card, credit limit reached or incorrect details entered. In the event of a problem arising, the customer should contact their bank first and then contact us (info@schoolofcontemplativelife.com) to confirm the reservation and payment method.


Data Collection, Protection and Confidentiality

Please refer to our Privacy Notice.

Our events are intended to offer a safe, peaceful space in which participants can ask questions and discuss challenges with their meditation practice. 

Confidentiality will be observed at all times except in the very rare circumstances when we are concerned about your welfare, in which case we will discuss our concerns with you in the first instance. Unless explicitly stated, events are never recorded and by attending you agree to keep confidential and not pass on anything to others that is shared in these sessions.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

It is explicitly stated that these conditions are governed by UK law. Any dispute that would arise during the execution of an agreement will be submitted to the English courts.

Contact us

To contact us, please email info@schoolofcontemplativelife.com or phone +44 (0) 7834 626426.

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