Support for the School of Contemplative Life

“I am delighted that there is a concrete opportunity for developing this new initiative in seeking to open doors into Christian wisdom for those who may have little previous awareness of its resources.

The School of Contemplative Life will provide an opportunity for Christians of all traditions to discover new openings for growth in contemplative maturity.  I hope and pray that these plans will come to fruition.”

A girl holding a hazelnut in her open palm indicating the famous metaphor of Julian of Norwich in A Revelation of Love

“The School of Contemplative Life will surely rate among the most significant responses to the spiritual longings of the people of this nation and abroad.

While we continue to see fewer and fewer people regularly attending church services, their deep, genuine longing for the depth-dimension of Christianity has only grown through the years. Sadly, most Christians have absolutely no idea that Christianity has anything to say about this, much less that it has its own vibrant contemplative tradition.

This is largely due to the fact that it has never been presented to them through schools and parishes. The School will directly nourish and cultivate the depth-dimension of life through its well thought out programme of retreats, guidance and other opportunities to assist the Christian community to the wellspring of silence and compassion flowing within.

Quite simply, there is no other centre in this country dedicated to cultivating the human discovery of its groundless Ground, that eternal Mystery ever hidden with Christ in God.”

School of Contemplative Life
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